Arianna & Arianna: The Story Behind the “Sexy People – The FIAT® Song” Yacht

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Remarkable coincidences happen every once in a blue moon. Sometimes these occurrences mean nothing at all, but sometimes, we find ourselves face to face with serendipity.  That’s exactly what happened when producers for “Sexy People – The FIAT® Song” music video sought out to secure the perfect ambiance for Arianna and Pitbull’s sexy voyage across the Atlantic. Producers quickly agreed, aside from a FIAT 500, what better way to bring sexy to the states than by yacht? It seemed as if the stars had aligned when producers discovered a luxurious 50 meter yacht bearing the name Arianna, coincidentally the same name as the rising star of the “Sexy People” video. The boat’s owner is said to have found inspiration for the name Arianna from the two leading ladies in his life, converging the names of his daughter, Anna and his wife, Arina. "The vision of Arianna was born from the owner's value and commitment to family and his love for the open seas. Together, Arianna is the perfect marriage between a home away from home and a vessel that matches the performance and majesty of any superyacht in its class," said SG Private Wealth Advisors President and CEO, Dovi Frances. "Partnering with Fiat USA, Pitbull and Arianna has been a great experience and the beginning of what we hope to be a long relationship with the artists and their brands."

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The Arianna yacht exemplifies pure luxury with its lush interior including rare tropical hardwoods, silk carpets and organic fabrics.  Costing approximately $80,000 to gas up, this extravagant vessel can hold up to 21,900 U.S. gallons of fuel, with a range of over 5,000 nautical miles. That is a whole lot more than you would spend at the pump fueling the yacht’s precious cargo, the FIAT 500, which is capable of an EPA estimated 40 mpg* highway.

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Producers used the Miami Harbor as the backdrop, which meant that the entire cast and crew, including Pitbull, had to be shuttled out to the vessel in small speedboats. Additional boats with film crews coasted alongside the yacht to capture every facet of ultimate extravagance.

The synchronicity behind the name of the yacht Arianna having the same name as the Italian pop star featured in the “Sexy People –The FIAT song” video was a meaningful sign that the stars had aligned on this star-studded project. Just as the Italian explorer Christopher Columbus traveled by boat to discover America, Arianna and the stars of “Sexy People – The FIAT Song” utilized similar means to bring iconic Italian flair to the coast of Miami.

If you were given the opportunity to own a yacht with the stature of Arianna, what would you name it? Share your creative yacht names with us in the comments below.

*EPA estimates with 1.4L engine, premium gasoline + 5-speed manual.
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