A FIAT Family From Generation to Generation

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The vehicles we drive are an extension of who we are – expressions of our personality and style that speak to where we’ve been and where we want to go.  Our cars free us, thrill us, and bring us closer to the people and places we love, in every sense.  Don’t believe?  Just ask Tim Wall and his daughter, Madison. In 1998, Tim brought home a 1979 FIAT Spider, thinking he’d enjoy a new toy to zip around windy, two-lane roads on warm, summer days.  Given that she was only three at the time, Tim probably didn’t thinkMadisonwould grow to love the vintage roadster as much as he did.


Yet it wasn’t long before the FIAT brand had a new fan. Madison spent hours of her childhood helping Tim wash and wax the Spider’s shiny red curves, bonding with her dad and looking forward to the day when she might be big enough to see over his car’s steering wheel. EvenMadison’s dolls caught FIAT fever, zooming around hallways and staircases as though they were the Basse Corniche in a toy convertibleMadisonrebranded a FIAT. While his older children’s need for cars of their own meant Tim had to sell his own “toy” before Madison got to drive it, the FIAT brand returned to the U.S. market just in time for her 16th birthday. Madison’s heart was immediately set on having a shiny red FIAT of her own, but despite their shared love of the brand, Tim thought it practical to visit a few used car lots first. For Madison, a well-equipped FIAT 500 turned out to be the perfect fit.  A local studio found a Pop model in the must-have red and a few days later,Madisondrove home in the car she’d always wanted. A typical teenager, Madison isn’t as eager to share her FIAT as Tim was his, but at least he’s benefiting from increased peace of mind. “Compared to the used models we saw, Madison’s FIAT 500 has seven air bags, stability controls, ABS… add to that the great gas mileage, four-year [limited] warranty [and] three years of included maintenance.” Tim added, “Plus, my daughter gets the car she’s wanted since she was three years old.”


  Finally, Tim has the added satisfaction of knowing all the time he and Madison spent together in the driveway with a garden hose and sudsy bucket taught at least one valuable lesson. “The first nice day of spring, she washed the 500 by hand.”
  • all fiats are TRASH==buy one and see

    • My 78 Spider is my fourth Fiat, and lots of fun.

    • Fred George Nunziata

      FIATs car are TRASH…if you like the “deign” enjoy it…but the quality/price ratio is orrible!!! low quality materials and engines

  • Li


  • Doindoin

    All cars of Fiat aren’t trash. Lamar Rush is trash.

  • Fiat cars are best car out there. People who say they’re trash don’t understand the car. We have owned Fiats for several years and as soon as we can I am going to buy a new Fiat 500 for me to drive around everyday.

    • Fred George Nunziata

      I have still now the old fiat 500, (1968) ,amazing car..the best of ever. And also a Panda 4×4 of the 1998 really a great car.
      the problem is that nowdays FIAT Group makes very low quality cars…that’s the reason why in Italy nobody trust anymore on FIATs. My advertisment is to not by FIATs anymore.

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