The Italians Are Coming! – An On-Set Look at “Italian Invasion” the New FIAT® 500L Spot

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Quaint homes, dirt roads and a lot of wagons. It’s not a scene out of a history book; it’s the set of our new TV spot for the debut of the 2014 FIAT® 500L. The commercial takes a look back at the historic ride of Paul Revere, and puts a FIAT 500 twist on the chain of events. From the start, viewers are instantly transported back in time to a rustic scene, and from there things get pretty interesting. See for yourself below:

 As you can probably guess, creating a spot like this took a lot of creativity and hard work from a dedicated team of pros. From finding the perfect location, to creating the perfect costumes, to painstakingly planning the driving scenes, our “Italian Invasion” spot was a big undertaking – a fitting way to introduce the bigger, more versatile FIAT 500L. To give you a closer look into the creation of this spot, we chatted with the production team, who were more than happy to give us some of the on-set stories that helped make this commercial one to remember. Read what the production team had to say about… The location… We needed to find something that had an authentic period feel to it. Location scouts were contacted and asked to submit suggestions. We also knew that we needed to be someplace where weather wouldn’t be an issue (e.g., it has been known to snow in Boston in March). Old Salem, North Carolina, provided the ideal setting and weather. The Italians are coming Although Old Salem provided an excellent backdrop for the commercial, it still needed to be “dressed.” The streets are now paved, so we had to truck in tons of dirt to place upon the streets. Crates and boxes of vegetable and hay were brought in. Horse and carts were used, and even goats and chickens roamed the streets. The period costuming… The creation of the wardrobe was amazing. We had to create authentic period clothing that could be instantly dismantled on camera in real time to create a more contemporary look.

The Italians are coming

 University of North Carolina School of the Arts, located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, was kind enough to allow us use of its workrooms in the costume design department to finesse the costumes prior to filming.  What made the costuming so authentic, was that many of the village locals, who were also extras in the commercial, wear attire reminiscent of the 1800’s on a daily basis.   Challenges on set… FIAT_500L_Commercial3 The most challenging shot to capture was the scene of Paul Revere riding down the street on horseback announcing to the town that “the Italians are coming.” The horse and stunt rider were followed closely by a camera car pursuing them down the street, which was crowded with extras, horses and props. We also had a Humane Society representative on site to ensure that the horses were safe for the entirety of the shoot.

FIAT Commercial

 The most fun shot to film… The transformations were a lot of fun to film. It was amazing to see the costumes deconstruct in real time on camera. As a side note, the costumes were donated to the University of North Carolina School of the Arts upon completion of the shoot. For the hair-cutting scene, we attached extensions to an actress’s short hair, so she could use authentic period-correct shears to cut the extensions.

FIAT Commercial

 Ready to kick off your own FIAT revolution? Contact your nearest FIAT Studio for more information. Don’t forget to tell us below which part of the new 500L spot you thought was the most fun!  

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