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The FIAT brand is all about ignoring the status quo in the spirit of doing what you’re passionate about in your own way. With that said, it should be no surprise that we’re huge fans of the band Metric.

Known as much for their innovative take on the business side of music as for their smart indie pop, Metric ignored the music industry’s rules by releasing their fourth album, Fantasies, on five continents without a label. Riding the wave of multiple radio hits from that album and earning honors like Album of the Year and Band of the Year at the Canadian Juno Awards, their most recent full-length album, Synthetica, cemented Metric’s place in the league of bona fide rock stars – stadium tours and all.

VH1 News recently caught up with Emily Haines and Jimmy Shaw, the band’s founding members, in Miami at the SCOPE International Contemporary Art Show, where they performed as part of VH1’s You Oughta Know.

Emily and Jimmy talked about everything from who’s the bigger diva to why Miami is an awesome place to perform, but the conversation focused on where they find inspiration and why it is important for them to be independent as artists.

Emily said that the band’s choice to release Fantasies without a label came from a long-standing attitude.

“To us it’s a very simple equation. We want to play music, want to make records, want to play shows. People want to buy records and go to shows. And for some reason, the music industry has just made that very simple and basic and pure desire on the part of people to enjoy music into something really complicated,” she said. “So, from the very beginning we tried to be forward-thinking. We tried to fit in with the establishment – it really didn’t work. And we had the really good fortune to find talented people from other fields … who have a more open mind about how you can do things. So we built our own path, and it’s really rewarding.”

She went on to explain the effect she thinks Metric’s example has had on others. “I think it inspires people. I think younger bands and other artists go like, ‘All right, maybe there is a way for me to do this.’”

Jimmy said the band also finds inspiration in other independent thinkers.

“There are a lot of people in fashion, design, the art world who don’t listen to the rules, and they do whatever they want, and they’ve created a creative life for themselves. I think that we’ve done a similar thing with music. And so, when you see people who’ve done things in a like-minded fashion, you draw inspiration.”

We couldn’t agree more, and we can’t wait to see what Metric comes up with next.

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