FIAT USA at Art Basel 2013

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Stepping off the plane in Miami was a big change from the December weather we had been experiencing across the country. As soon as we breathed in that warm air we knew this was going to be an experience we would never forget. We were bringing the FIAT brand style to South Beach for the Art Basel art event, and we definitely planned to make an impression. On our first day in South Beach, we met our “More FIAT. More Imagination.” winner, Jeff, at the Mondrian Hotel. Jeff designed a FIAT 500L wrap on the contest page of the widely popular art website, Deviant Art. His entry was chosen to be brought to life out of hundreds of submissions. We captured some photos of Jeff seeing his creation on a FIAT 500L for the first time—check them out below. DSC_5509 DSC_5495 DSC_5508 Jeff also told us a very touching story about the creation of his entry. He had registered for the contest and was preparing a submission, but he found himself not having as much time to devote to the project as he would have liked. It soon seemed that his entry would have to fall by the wayside. However, in the weeks leading up to the submission deadline, Jeff suffered a medical emergency. During his time off from work he was able to devote time to his FIAT 500L wrap design.




According to Jeff, he submitted his design less than an hour before the deadline. And he was very happy he was able to, because it brought him and his wife to South Beach for an amazing trip and an amazing grand-prize experience. Each year at Art Basel, the SCOPE art pavilion is one of the main draws for visitors. Showcasing the latest and greatest in art across all genres, the pavilion is known for its wide array of installations each year. This year, SCOPE & VH1 decided to put on a big beach bash for a crowd of VIPs to celebrate the creativity of all the artists on hand. But of course they still wanted to keep that sense of classic style, which is where we (and the 500L) came in.







The morning of the party started with an all-out blitz, as we followed our Band Prix winners, Privet Earth, as they were interviewed for VH1’s Top 20 Video Countdown. The band was very gracious and thankful for the opportunity the contest had given them, and, frankly, we were happy to be along with them for the ride. Check out our blog post dedicated to Privet Earth here.





Later in the day we were fortunate enough to be on hand for the VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown interview of Tegan and Sara. The Canadian rock duo is currently making a mark on the charts with their hit single “Closer.” We were able to snap some great behind-the-scenes photos during their interview with VH1. Check them out below:









Next, we took a walk through the SCOPE art pavilion to see the FIAT 500L displayed among the other great pieces of contemporary art. Visitors to the pavilion couldn’t help but be drawn in by the bright Rosso FIAT 500L on display, and, frankly, we can’t blame them—the car was looking bella.



Finally the time arrived for the SCOPE + VH1 VIP party on the beach. After all the VIP fans arrived and got their pictures taken in the FIAT GIF booth it was time for Tegan and Sara to take the stage. The crowd was pumped and the atmosphere was electric as Tegan and Sara rocked their entire set.







As quickly as we arrived it seemed to be over, but we will never forget the fantastic time we had with all the great artists and visitors at the Art Basel show at South Beach. We can’t wait to get back for next year’s event. Make sure to find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to learn which event we’ll be headed to next!
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