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THE 2015 FIAT® FREAKOUT With so many FIAT® vehicles together in one place, it was hard not to get overly excited. But that’s exactly what happened last weekend when the FIAT brand drove to Pennsylvania for FIAT Club America’s 32nd Annual FIAT FreakOut – the largest collection of FIAT automobiles in North America. The four-day national convention brought together enthusiastic, loyal FIAT fans and owners from places ranging from Canada to California. These international and domestic enthusiasts came to celebrate the entire FIAT family, with new models like the 2015 FIAT 500 AbarthTM and the All-New 2016 FIAT 500X crossover, as well as vintage models and modified vehicles. 3V3A7511 The event kicked off with a FIAT owner caravan, perfect for driving a FIAT vehicle along winding mountain roads. Following the two-hour scenic tour, the drivers got together at the Pittsburgh Golf Club for a car show, award ceremony and a celebration that included attendees like Thad Kirk, VP FIAT Club America, and Nicole Longhini-Mcelroy, FIAT North America brand manager. 3V3A7177 The FIAT Street Teams were on-site at the concours, hosting a lottery for a FIAT vehicle giveaway and giving out FIAT merchandise and gear. As is the case every year, the 2015 FreakOut was a place to see and be seen, with visitors showing off their FIAT vehicles and showing their support for one another. The tailgate atmosphere was truly a coming together of family and friends, and that’s something the Italians know how to do as well as anyone. 3V3A7688 Come along for the ride to see what happened at this year’s FIAT FreakOut, and learn more about FIAT Club America at
  • Rotory2002

    I have a 1971 Fiat Sport Spider in the color of orange (Oriental yellow) and it was purchased new by my Father and I received it upon his death. I would love to totally restore it but lack of money always gets in the way..:( It was Dads car so I will never get rid of it..I LOVE this car..

  • Robert Carothers

    I owned a Fiat 850 Spyder when I was stationed in Germany back in the 70’s. What a fun little car to drive! I used to race it around town on the same twists and turns as the F1 drivers in the annual Nuremburg race. Anyway, that car is long gone, sold when I got out of the Army. So on to present day, I had bought a 500, nice yellow one, and now I’ve traded up to a 500X. I love Fiats! Comfort with Italian style!

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