Behind the Scenes: SCOPE Miami 2012

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FIAT and VH1’s You Oughta Know (YOK) paired up and brought the heat to the SCOPE International Contemporary Art Show in Miami. The show featured the beautiful and unique modern artwork that you expect to find at a show like this. It also drew a crowd from around the world to experience YOK’s recently discovered artist on the rise, Metric, who tore up the stage at night.


  With all of these reasons to come to Miami, it was the FIAT exhibit that made a splash during SCOPE with two different original displays that caught the attention of all museumgoers. Not only could visitors experience the art that surrounded them, but they also got the chance to create distinctive conceptions of their own. Aspiring artists could create their own works inside FIAT’s Neon Paint Photo Booth, or make prints of their #FIATlovesSCOPE Instagram photos.


For those who captured the event on Instagram, a unique firsthand look of the event was captured for those who could not enjoy the sun and fun that was happening in Miami. No inch of the show space was missed. From the artwork, to the FIAT vehicles on-site, to fans posing in the interior, it was all covered. If you’d like a peak at what they saw, you can find a collection of Instagram photos tagged with #FIATlovesSCOPE here. Conversation flowed, and ideas were expressed at length. We couldn’t have felt more at home. The excitement for Metric performing that evening was palpable, but FIAT vehicles kept popping up as a topic of discussion.  

  “Every time I see one on the street, I turn my head,” said Judy Weitzman. “I love it. I love what you’ve done with the car.” “I came here for the art,” started Giovanna Leina, but the conversation quickly turned to the FIAT 500 in front of us. “I used to ride in one of these when I was a kid. Back in the old days.” Giovanna wasn’t the only one who was taking a mental trip back to his or her own FIAT experiences. “My best friend in high school had one [1980s Cinquecento], and he’s like six-foot-eight, and we would drive, the two of us, through town,” said Marcus Gueits. “I’m tall too, and it was quite funny because when we would step out of the car, it’s these two tall guys next to this small car. It was quite a scene.” When we talked with Oviang Rojes, he let us know that art and FIAT tend to go together back home. “Most of the contemporary artists in Puerto Rico have one.”


Has a FIAT 500 ever inspired you to create? Let us know in the comments below.

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