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FIAT® Backstage Revisited is a trip down memory lane for our blog readers. Every so often, we’ll pull a post from the past to feature for our new fans and also those who may have missed it the first time around. This first installment covers the Abarth Track Experience and includes some great photos and an interview with one of our Drive for the Fans sweepstakes winners. This post was originally published on February 27, 2013. You’ve seen the pictures, watched the videos and spent countless hours customizing your own FIAT 500 Abarth on our website. You are well aware of how powerful and sexy the Abarth is, and you’ve probably measured your garage to see how much space you’ll save when you buy one, but you also know that the Abarth experience cannot be fully felt until you’re behind the wheel. Until you feel the mix of Italian racing power and sleek, aerodynamic design as you punch it into fifth gear, the Abarth experience will be something that you merely dream about. 2344 Well, the Abarth dream came true for a few lucky FIAT Facebook fans — the winners of our Drive for the Fans sweepstakes. Our grand prize winners got the chance to see what it’s like to push the Abarth to the limits at the Abarth Track Experience, where they learned firsthand from experienced racing professionals. Our winners got to discover exactly how much power, speed and agility lie within the Abarth by participating in driving modules designed to test various driving skills. We had the chance to speak with one of the winners, Phillip Torres, about his time at the Track Experience. FIAT BACKSTAGE: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, Phillip. First off, can you just tell our fans a little bit about your time at the track experience? Phillip Torres (PT): My experience at the test track was a great experience, and I would highly recommend it to anyone. I felt it challenged me on a skills level and also showed me the capability of the FIAT Abarth with my limited skill set — and it’s a car that I could grow with both on and off the track. FIAT BACKSTAGE: So it’s obvious the track experience is unique for an Abarth owner. Since you’ve had the experience, what are some of the points that stand out to you that you’d like other potential test track drivers to know? 2323542 PT: I would like other FIAT fans to know that no matter your skill set, you will be challenged, and the satisfaction of self-improvement is immeasurable. I had an awesome time and met a lot of people with varied backgrounds and a willingness to share their experiences both on and off the track. The staff was excellent at assessing individual skill levels and would give tips and a slight nudge when needed to enhance your driving experience, with your safety and a nod to your experience level always in mind. I was really keen on the idea of having my experience recorded on the optional flash drive. FIAT BACKSTAGE: So now that you’ve had the track experience, what’s your future with FIAT look like? PT: Personally, I can’t wait to purchase a FIAT Abarth and relive that track experience again! I had a lot of fun with the people I met, and the staff was just incredibly intuitive and a great bunch of people to spend the day with. I highly recommend this and look forward to my next FIAT Abarth Track Experience! 34534

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